Why Christianity?

I was teaching a set of teenagers a few weeks back and it occurred to me to ask them the question: Why did you choose to be a Christian?

This is a question I usually ask myself when some things tend to question my stand in God as well as God’s presence and sovereignty in my heart. It is my question of realignment. 

They looked confused at first. I kept calm while they went deep in their thoughts, looking all the more confused. 9 year old Daniel decided to break the silence; he said, “errmm… because my mommy is a Christian”. Yes! Exactly what I was waiting for. Others joined in with similar explanations. 14 year old Abigail further said that her father is a Muslim while her mother, a Christian and she’s a Christian because she is closer to her mom. Amazing!

It’s okay to be in those shoes now, without a personal conviction as to how and why you are a Christian. Every wonder working Christian you see today was once at that point, no pacesetting, just following someone’s stead; and that is perfect… for now.

God, during the creation of Man, left in man a vacuum which can only be filled by Him. This is why there is always a yearning for a connection with the supernatural, for fellowship and for help. This is why you tend to seek and hope for higher powers and abilities beyond the usual, it is the law of supremacy.

For your own conviction, discover today, your reason for choosing to be a Christian. This is so that when some faith shaking situations arise, your stand will be firm – your anchor to the ground. For me, my reasons are stemmed from several encounters, miraculously answered prayers, and kept covenants with God. All of these reasons won’t have been accessible without a personal relationship with God. To find your reasons, truly find God!

“You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:13 ESV.

Let me know if you need help with that here as we trust God, through the Holy Spirit, to make His conviction sure in you.



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