It Does Not Matter Anymore!

I stormed into the house that evening, fuming! The bike man who brought me home had just provoked me. The usual fare was 100NGN from the major bus stop to my house. I had a 200NGN bill and I asked if he had my balance and he said, “Yes madam, no worry”. On getting home, I requested for my “change” and he stretched forth a 50NGN bill to me.

In my mind, I was already asking questions like, “Does he not know simple arithmetic, or does he want to overcharge me?” Amidst my thoughts, I heard him saying, “Madam, na 50naira dey here oo, you go manage am, make you do Sunday for me now”. Wow! It was the effrontery for me. I was too shocked to say a word. I just turned, still with my money in hand, and entered my compound.

This man started trying to create a scene shouting that I didn’t want to pay him. I simply asked him, “Do you have change now?” And he said, “Ehn, come collect this 100naira. Fine girl like you, you no get money, you too stingy”. He apparently had my balance but wanted to play a fast one on me. Oh my goodness, manipulation and mischief… two terrible character traits I can hardly deal with. I was already boiling in anger, the man was still ranting.

Just then it felt like someone was talking to me. I heard, “Do you have your balance now?” I answered positive and the voice said, “Then it doesn’t matter anymore!” I felt deprived! I wanted to give this nasty bike man a piece of my mind. But then, knowing how the Holy Spirit talks to me, I had to vent that anger by marching to my room with my lips sealed, not saying a word.

Many of us live our lives trying to prove highly unnecessary points even when those points do not matter anymore. Trying to tell God how terrible they treated you does not count anymore. Giving that person a piece of your unrenewed mind will always end up in disaster.
Matthew 18:15 NKJV says “Moreover if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone: if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother”

Trying to teach someone a way to treat you would never work when done in anger.
Whatever you do, concentrate on the future. What matters now is your peace with all men and the gaining of your brother (anyone at all). The past does not matter anymore, or do you think it does?


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