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Hello and welcome! My name is Oluwatoyin Anu.
I may be many other things; but first and foremost, I am the one-stop solution to all your writing, editing, and proofreading needs.

I am passionate about helping individuals and businesses project who they truly are and stand for, in the best possible light and I achieve this with my expertise and experience with words.

Writing has actively been a part of my core for about five years and today, I really cannot imagine a career path that would exclude my scribal and administrative abilities.

Though my educational background is in French Language and Literature from the great University of Benin, my most expository job roles have been administration inclined.

Want to live a shame-free life?

The latest piece by Oluwatoyin A. Olojo titled “Beauty For Ashes: The Garden, The Pathway and The Devotionals” is your best bet to achieving one!

Minstrel Awoniyi Ayooluwa says “This is an absolutely timely message of hope, with which the author reveals the mind of God for a time like this, all in a Storytelling format.
Do you think you need healing from your past? Then, Beauty for Ashes is the right tonic solely prepared for you, to take you on a step-by-step guide till you become victorious over the monster called “Past”.

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The Shame-Free Tribe

Aborting the child was inevitable. What would people have said? Lying was the only option. I can’t be seen as the bad one. Keeping malice with her was better. Better than venting my anger. We loved each other so much. Having sex with him was no big deal. Prostituting was better than robbery. I needed the money. Cheating was necessary. I would have failed the exam. Masturbation wasn’t…

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Why Christianity?

I was teaching a set of teenagers a few weeks back and it occurred to me to ask them the question: Why did you choose to be a Christian?

This is a question I usually ask myself when some things tend to question my stand in God as well as God’s presence and sovereignty in my heart. It is my question of …

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