Different, Not Impaired!

Biologically, I hail from the Yoruba tribe of south western Nigeria and I observed that I am first Nigerian before I am Yoruba, as expressed to the global community.

This same analysis applies with my religion, Christianity. I am first referred to as a Christian before described as a member of any local church. The body of Christ is one and of diverse parts. Early on in my faith, I’ve had to attend various churches of various denominations in a bid to understand their beliefs and doctrines, the ‘whys’ and the ‘hows’.

My discovery:
Individual churches have their core values are founded on various parts of the Bible. While some are keen on the Abrahamic and Mosaic symbolic ways of serving God, others believe in avoiding material objects fashioned after the world or even consumption of animal meat. Some simply believe in the law of grace and love and others, just good deeds.

I had to personally settle with God, every doctrine I have imbibed over time, to avoid being swayed by every wind of doctrine. This is born out of an understanding that what King David got away with would have destroyed any other king and his kingdom. We all carry different graces, missions, and are on our ways to obeying different instructions to a specific end designed by God. We owe the eventual results and reports to God alone.
When you see someone of a different race, tribe, or religious view, it’s normal to see yourself as the perfect one with the other person as impaired. Stop! Who says you are not the impaired one? Actually, you’re not. You’re only different.

In cases of obvious differences, say a word of prayer unto perfection for you and the other party as the aim is to eventually fulfil purpose Christ’s way; the processes may only differ.
There are general rules but to every rule, there are exceptions and exemptions.
You are different, not impaired!


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